SEL - Systems Engineering Laboratories History Site

This site is a work in progress, attempting to provide an archive of information about SEL.

The two sites below are archived as their original maintainers have passed. I have preserved enough of the rest of their sites to provide a snapshot of who they were without violating their families privacy.

Dan's SEL site archive

Rod's Videofile site archive

Youtube videos of an SEL 810A in action

Playing Lunar Lander

Running Hello World in SEL 810A Mnemonic Assembler (mnembler)

Github Repos of SEL810X emulators and software

Phar's mnembler assembler and disassembler

KGober's C# SEL810 tools including emulator, disassembler, and tape image tools

EMoore's paper tape captures

EMoore's python SEL810 gui

Documentation and additional software

Vintage Technology Data Archive SEL archive SEL archive