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Systems Engineering Laboratories, Inc. [SEL]

This page is dedicated to the all the people that worked at this company, and to Dan Roganti, who compiled this website, may he rest in peace.
This was his first job straight out of school in 1980. SEL designed a whole slew of mini and supermini computers during the 60's, 70' and 80's.  They have alot of history which is normally not acknowledged within computing circles. There were many innovations here that became industry firsts. The timeline presented on this webpage ends at 1988 when Gould as acquired by Encore. Thereafter it wasn't the same any longer since there was a complete upheavel in the development and marketing startegy of this company.

Amongs the several webpages is all the current info Dan accumulated, from old colleagues and the internet, here into one place.  There's alot of information here provided by several of the long time engineers at SEL, George 'The Dragon' Dragner, Arthur Rossi, Bill 'Bullet' Brink, John Acton, Roger Smith, and Burch Seymour. Dan was still attempting to contact many more colleagues from the SEL company contact list in hopes of acquiring more material to document here.

If there's any machine that I might have missed, or if you know of any good stories about the company and/or it's customers, please send the info and I'll make sure it gets added to this webpage.