Systems Engineering Laboratories, Inc. [SEL]

Here you can find some interesting photos of the various machines in person and from several Ads that were found in the various trade journals of the time.

Special thanks to the people who helped me collect this material; George Dragner, Bill Brink, Art Rossi, Al Kossow, Bob Rosenbloom, John Keys

First building in 1961 - not found yet
New Headquarters building in 1965  photo[jpg]
NASA/Huntsville, SEL8600, Apollo Saturn project, Allison rocket testing photo [jpg]
NASA/Northrup, SEL840, Apollo Saturn project, Vibration analysis,  photo [jpg]
Houston Computer Museum, SEL810a,  photo1 [jpg] ,     photo2 [jpg]
Thiokol Rocket Testing, Apollo Saturn project, Thykol/NASA  photo [jpg]
Kwajalein Missile Tracking Range, SEL810A,   photo1 [jpg],   photo2 [jpg],
Polaris Missile Data Acquisition system, SEL700
Vandenberg AFB Space and Missile Center,  SEL 32/55,(declassified photos only)
Flight Simulator, 1967, SEL 816A Computer Graphics system

SEL600 Data Aquisition System, 1965,   image [jpg]
SEL800 series computer, 1965,  image [jpg]
SEL810 series computer, 1965,  image [jpg]
SEL840 series computer, 1967,  image [jpg]
SEL810B series computer, 1967,  image [jpg]

1966, Company logo  image [jpg]
1984, GOULD 32/97 system logo  image [jpg]