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We're located very close to the city of Pittsburgh nearby the Three Rivers. We've been here for the past 5yrs now. There's so many things happening around here thats too much to list. Feel free to browse and find out more.

The only thing Google can't search yet is my mind (just be glad they don't)

...still exploring cyberspace before it runs out of space... (or get IPv6)

Remember, If things feel like they are really going bad, there's always free cheese in a mousetrap.....


I started a new Robotics Club here in Pittsburgh, have a look

We're currently working on a new project called RoboSwarm.
I started a Yahoo! newsgroup called Pittsburgh Vintage Computer Society for anyone from the pittsburgh region that's interested in restoring the old computers, feel free to contact us.

My YouTube videos [link]

My Computer collection in the Media (see article)

Exploring cyberspace since 1976 at Sewanhaka H.S., Floral Park, N.Y. on a Honeywell 1646 Time Sharing system

Hometown  Elmont, Long Island, NY