Systems Engineering Laboratories, Inc. [SEL]

Industry Firsts
  • Real-time minicomputer using integrated circuits
  • Minicomputer made entirely of integrated circuits (Fairchild semiconductor)
  • Minicomputer to use 750 nanosecond core memory
  • 32-bit minicomputer
  • 32-bit single-board computer
  • Multiprocessor minicomputer
  • Native port of UNIX to 32-bit architecture
  • ECL-based UNIX(R) super-minicomputer
  • Merged BSD and System V UNIX
  • NCSC-certified secure UNIX
  • Distributed shared memory using Reflective Memory System
  • Parallel UNIX
  • Parallel MACH
  • Parallel Ada
  • Memory-centric architecture
  • Kernel threads for System V UNIX
  • Development environment for multiprocessor real-time applications