Vintage Computers

My Background
How I got from there to here...

Hobby Designs
Several peojects that I have available and currently working on.

My vintage computer collection
I started collecting vintage machines,calculators and toys since the late 80's.

System Engineering Laboratories [SEL]
I started documenting some of the history of this computer company. This was my first job in 1980,  but it has been around since the early 60's. This company designedmini and supermini computers during the 60's, 70' and 80's. SEL was very successful in winning clients from many of the prominent corporations, government labs, NASA and military projects. They have alot of history which is normally not acknowledged within computing circles.

Library of vintage books
This is a the current list of books and publications that I have typed in so far.

This is the local[NJ] Vintage  Computer club that I belong to--> MARCH
The local Vintage Computer Festival, VCF east , hosted by MARCH, is held every year in June
Here's some pics and video from TCF 2007 where the MARCH club exhibited some machines
This is the museum where the MARCH club is located, InfoAge Science and History Museum

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