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My first electronic kit was from Heathkit in '72 which had a little resemblence to legos--if anyone can remember the model number for, this please email me.
The Electronics kit had the white plastic board with a blue console attached on the right side. It also came with extra blue console for any projects which involved some form of communication, such as, a radio or an intercom.
The white board had a layout which had the look of legos and the parts were inside these little plastic red cubes of different sizes and shapes. This lego board was attached on the left hand side of the command console. This was made with blue plastic and housed the speaker, meter, morse key and a couple of other parts. Each red block had a sticker with the schematic symbol for that part.
You can build a circuit by sticking the red blocks on this white lego layout board in the same locations as pictured in the schematic. Then you can insert the wires along the top edge of each red block to connect the components together. 
I had to assemble each one of the red blocks by inserting the components and clips which held them in place--there must have been several dozen parts- it felt like it took forever -- I was only 10yrs old. it was my first time doing this, and I broke the leg off a transistor--I thought my brother was going to kick my ass. I didn't tell him at first, only after when I tried to build a circuit, but it didn't work and asked him to help me figure it out.

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