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*** Looking for info on the HONEYWELL 1646 Timesharing Minicomputer System ***
        this was our school computer back in the '70s,  please email me

Vintage computer stuff
I started collecting vintage computers, calculators, radios and gadgets since the late 80's.

History of Systems Engineering Laboratories [SEL]
I started documenting some of the history of this early computer company. This was my first job in 1980,  but it has been around since the early 60's. This was a classic small startup company which beat the odds and made a name for themselves in the business. This company designed mini and supermini computers during the 60's, 70's and 80's. SEL was very successful with many of the prominent corporations, government labs, NASA and military organizations. There's alot of history in this company which hasn't yet been documented.

I started a Yahoo! newsgroup called Pittsburgh Vintage Computer Society for anyone from the Pittsburgh region that's interested in restoring the old computers, feel free to contact us.

Vintage Computing Exhibit at Breezeshooters Hamfest 2008 - Pics [html]
Vintage Computing Exhibit at Breezeshooters Hamfest 2009 - Pics [html], YouTube [html]

Trenton Computer Festival 2007
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VCF East 5.0, 2008
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VCF East 6.0, 2009
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My Computer collection in the Media [html]

Exploring cyberspace since 1976 at Sewanhaka H.S., Floral Park, N.Y. on a Honeywell 1646 Time Sharing minicomputer system

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