my hobbies


I still have my Saturn V rocket from 1978, made by Estes, which I bought at the local hobby shop back home on Long Island. [photo]

Home-made Remote Control Rocket Launcher -
I build this in '78 with a bunch of surplus parts. It was capable of launching a rocket at any angle and direction. this would let you compensate for the wind or just ot have some fun. 

Lately, I've been building scratch-built rockets using ordinary materials found at any store-not just at the hobby shop. Here's some of what I've made so far:

UFO - a small 6" spacecraft made from just a styrofoam bowl and 3 carboard legs.[photo]

Cool Rockets:
The Happy Birthday Party Napkin Rocket of the Apocalypse - yes it flies!

National Association of Rocketry - NAR
Pittsburgh Space Command (Pittsburgh NAR Section 473)

Pittsburgh Tripoli Rocekt Association - since 1964
Rocket Team Vatsaas videos
Fly Rockets! - An introduction to Model Rocketry
How To Make Amateur Rockets - 2nd Edition
Astrosaint's Recycled Rocket Page